Nagpur confusion started on online studies

 Nagpur confusion started on online studies: online classes many doubt and confusion;

Nagpur confusion started on online studies

Nagpur confusion started on online studies

Nagpur: Due to the state and central government not settings any clear rules and fees criteria etc.

Regarding online classes, many doubt have arisen regarding online class of school there is now a rift between school and parents to pay the fees of three months. School have cut online student who do not pay fees.

According to parents school had earlier asked to start online without fees but we are now adamant about the fees.

Questions on online recognition more than half of the parents have not paid fees bought books started online classes. There is also a lot of disparity between different schools Regarding studies.

The children of the parents who have suffered financially are completely away from studies in such a situation. The questions has arisen what decision the government will takeamong the students who have studied online and have not studied.

The government not yet given any clear rules regarding online studies. It was only one elective basis. Therefore parents associated with large private school started their children's classes .

Now the school asking for the full fees forthree months. With this the  parents have come into the came.

There are complaints for parents on all sides that many problem are being faced by children studying online. Children have headache, eye irritation, back neck, and back pain,

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