Now Can Ration Cards Can Be Made From Smartphone Only This Documents Are Required

Now Can Ration Cards Can Be Made From Smartphones Only This Documents Are Required: After The Announcement Of The One Nation One Card;

Now Can Ration Cards Can Be Mede From Smartphones Only This Documents Are Required

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Ration card
With the Implimentation of One Nation one card policy In the Country it has become mandotory to have a ration card. Ration card are not only used to buy cheap food grains but also as an identity card. After the announcement of the one nation one card ' policy people of any state can go to any part of the country and get cheap ration.

But you do not have a ration card you do not have to worry anymore. Now you can make a ration card by applying for online ration card with the help of your smartphones from home. For this all the states have created their own websites. 

You can apply for the ration card by visiting the website of all the states in which you are resident. The eligibility criteria for ration card are as follow

The person making the ration card must be citizen of india

The person should not have ration card of any other states 

The person in whose name the ration card is to made must be over the age of 18 

The parents ration card must include the names of children below the age of 18 

There is a ration card in the name of the head of the family

The person whose name is included in the ration card, should have a close relationship with the head of the family

The family member's should not be included in any other ration card before that apply to make the ration card of your state go to the website

After this apply online for ration card click on the link 
Adhar card, voter identity card, passport health card, driving license can be used as an identity card to make a ration card application fee ranges from Rs 5 to Rs 45

Pay the fee after submitting the application and submit the application

After field verification, if your application is correct, your ration card is ready

Used document like Adhar card ,voter id card, passport, health card, driving license, passport, government issued PAN card, passport size photo, income certificate, adress proof, electricity bill, telephone bill, bank statement passbook . Can ce.

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