Nagpur Student Denied Scholarship

Nagpur Student Denied Scholarship: Scholarship of many student from district as well as the state;

Nagpur Student Denied Scholarship

Nagpur Student Denied Scholarship
Scholarship are provided by the department of social justice and special assistant as they provide financial assistance for the education of student while studying. But recently scholarship of many student from the district as well as the state have not yet been credited to their accounts.

Without denying this right to education, what is its root cause? 

Dipak janbandhu the district organizer of the underprivileged bahujan yova agadi , discussed the process with the official of the scholarship dipartment and requested the commissioner to expedite the process.

Many student and other benificiary categories across the state are awaiting this scholarship which is useful in providing financial aid for their education, the recent outbreak of corona has put many students in a situation of lockdown.

Education is a fundamental right of all but a student has to face many questions while studying.

The students and their parents are for the social justice department in the hope that their issues will be resolved as soon as possible. Was mentioned Deepak janbandhu, district convener of bahujan aghadi was present.

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